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نكهة العمانية

22 May 2014 / 0 Comments / in Photography

[˜Omani flavour, I think]

Western Hajar - Oman Maria Lecanda

I don’t recall anyone ever telling me they didn’t love Oman. People that have lived in Muscat, claim they would go back any day, tourists that have gone to the touristy side of Oman have really enjoyed themselves, and those adventurous people that have gone off-roading through it’s wadis have been left wanting more.

We had been across the border several times, but never had wandered deep into Omani territory (Omani waters up in Musandam, yes, but not much culture heritage to witness underwater). So when we planned this little road trip through the Al Hajar Mountains (translates into Stone mountains), I got pretty excited. And even though the expectations were high already, I really enjoyed discovering new parts of Oman.

The forts impressed me by the way they were built; a maze of traps for any foreigner and a proper refuge for the heat – with outside temperatures already reaching 45ºC, their “natural” ventilation systems worked extremely well. The only thing I regret, is not making portraits of the people we met along our way. Everybody talks about how welcoming and friendly Omani people are and on top of that, I found that when they smile their whole face lights up – because they have the most authentic smiles.

Here is a little taste of the Western Hajar region and a little bit of Muscat.


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