7 month cuteness

August 8, 2014

You will not see this sweet baby’s cute little bum. I photographed it (in a soft beautiful back light I might add), but I promised little Emi wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of having her cute bum published on the internet. Sorry, moms out there. Although I personally prefer baby feet, baby bums are still extra cute.

Emi is now just over 7 months old. She is a quiet and generally calm baby who has a very intense look in her eyes. With the help of her family, her sister and a small black dog included, I photographed her at her home some days ago. She is no doubt an easy subject, but with the help of her chic outfits, the good mood provided by her family’s attention, along with the soft diffused light used, her portraits came out exquisitely.

I am also sharing a before&after image to show a little bit more part of the post-process work I do after the picture has been taken. The first image on the left is SOOC (straight out of camera) and the second one has been processed in Aperture and Photoshop to achieve this final image.

process-sooc after lecanda baby

So far, I have photographed her while still living in her mom’s belly, as a newborn and now as a 7 month old baby. It’s without doubt a great privilege for me to be involved in creating life-long memories of this stage of her life.

newborn baby session home dubai_MLecanda 012