A sandy souvenir

June 22, 2015

Right before temperatures in the Emirates soared and right before an imminent departure, this family had one last good run in Dubai’s dunes. After several years living in the UAE, their term has officially ended and they decided to celebrate it with a farewell session in the desert 馃檪

We were on location about an hour after sunrise to avoid the heat and by the time we were done shooting the dunes were already heating up beneath our feet. But apart from the hot weather, we were pretty lucky: no fog and clear blue skies! Early morning shoots right before summer (and after) can be tricky as humidity levels rise and it takes a while for the fog to dissipate. Also, the fact that the road that leads to these dunes was closed an hour later, was awfully lucky too…

These are some of my favourite images from that day and that great family: