Scattered ink art
A collection of stippled ink art inspired by wildlife and the desire to bring the wilderness into daily lives.
BLACKSCATTER artwork is available as fine art prints expedited by INPRNT in the US and ARTHAUS in the UK and EU, both with worldwide shipping. These giclée prints use archival-rated inks on heavy weight museum-quality paper, making sure your prints will last a lifetime. Custom made frames and glossy borderless acrylic prints are also available. For artwork availability, sizing and further product information, please head to the INPRNT & ARTHAUS shop (links below).
The stippling technique is similar to that of pointillism, where you paint images with dots - like a printer does, only printers do it with remarkably smaller dots and much higher speed and precision. The stippling technique only differs from pointillism in that it relies only on monochromatic dots. The values of shade and light are achieved by painting the dots closer together or further apart. Using this principle, it is possible to create contrast and the illusion of shapes and three-dimensional objects – or wild creatures in the case of BLACKSCATTER.
These images are created on paper using fine line ink pens, with a range of tips of 0.35mm thick, to 0.15mm at its smallest. Each piece entails hours of stippling or scattering dots, while paying close attention to dot placement. To find out more about the process of each piece, follow the link below to @blackscatter on Instagram.