Celebrating everyday life

July 16, 2015

lifestyle family_Maria Lecanda3

This was officially my third session with this dearly loved family. I did their first family portraits when their firstborn turned 1 and they decided then to make it a yearly mission, to keep track of how the family grew and how time flew by. This year, the family grew by one 🙂

Seeing how mom and dad had swiftly managed the arrival of their second son, I suggested a lifestyle session at their own home for this year’s portraits. By photographing them at their home doing everyday chores and keeping it even more relaxed than it already was with them, I wanted to capture the essence of each of them at this moment in time and truly celebrate everyday life.

Because yes, life is made mainly of the simple things and simple routines. We may decide to focus our interest and energy on many other things that we deem more important or on milestones that come and go… But at the end of the day, the small mundane moments are always there and should matter just as much. And according to many, the key to happiness lies in being grateful for the quotidian and the ordinary. My way of helping is by framing it in camera.

Here’s a selection of my favourites from the day – hopefully you’ll see your own everyday reflected in some of these images.


PS. If you’re wondering if I really meant to celebrate everyday life in an honest way… Yes baby brother did cry his lungs out at one point and his parents now have a photo of that too 😉


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