October 24, 2014

Skype·ing with my brother and sister in law the other day, we somehow ended up talking about my first camera ever. It has been twelve years since I got into photography and asked him to buy it abroad for me. Later that same year I met the person that would be my life-long partner in crime. So 2002 was definitely a great year.

I bought a Nikon F65. I remember checking the prices, the exchange rate, and then how much money I had saved – it was just enough to buy it. And while I consider myself a person who spends wisely in general, when it is related to photography, I am very weak… Not long ago I cashed in a check to go spend it immediately in a lens.

The day after that skype call, I suddenly remembered how I felt getting my first camera and how I fell in love with photography. And while I’m not grateful to the camera itself but to all the people around me who encouraged me to keep taking photographs, I decided I’d do a little tribute shoot to my treasured film camera.

Here is what came out of it.