Hybird no. 1

October 22, 2013

Lately, crows have been stealing my attention. I first noticed them in Iceland. There was this Icelandic graphic artist work printed on home accessories that caught my interest (Sveinbjörg was the name). A couple of weeks later we moved and our new neighborhood seems to be swarming with crows and birds and parrots and some cuter winged beings.

I didn’t use to appreciate so much these black noisy animals before, but I guess time and certain [desert] factors can change your mind.

Two days ago, while walking our dog, one of these fellas decided to fly right over my head and sort of wrap its wings around it. Very weird sensation, wouldn’t recommend trying this. However, while some would say it’s a bad omen, I took it as a gesture that it was time to start this project.

I cannot yet say where ‘Hybirds’ will lead to, but here is my Hybird no. 1.

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