March 15, 2014

Birds have always captivated me without really knowing enough about them. I find them beautiful visually and symbolically; the colours their folded feathers hide, the textures and the shapes they form mid flight as they spread their wings. They are an inspiration all the way from aeronautical engineering to  mythical creatures.

In my imaginary worlds, birds [and other wild animals] would interact with people to form bonds with us. Some may find it odd, but it is my little imaginary world. This thought brought me to the Hybirds project. It came to be from an increased curiosity in crows and a slight change of perception –  personally transforming the negative common connotation of black crows into that of a good omen.

In my imaginary world, Hybirds is a bond between crow and human – physical and spiritual, protective and companionable.

Photos and post processing: María Lecanda

Model: Clara Vignal.

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