Islamic art and culture in Doha

April 3, 2015

First off, an apology – I had been meaning to share these images from Doha in other than my instagram for some time… (i.e., the Middle Eastern birdhouse!) sorry it has taken me this long, here they go 🙂

Visiting our good friends in Doha over a weekend earlier this year, I had the opportunity to discover another face of the Middle East. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but after only a couple of days I was pleasantly surprised and was left wanting to do some serious photowalks in Doha.

Our short visit included the Waqif souk and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) as the main attractions. And while I’m sure we missed big stuff, the MIA is undoubtedly one of the things you simply cannot afford to miss when in Doha. Between its beautiful architecture, its location, the museum spaces and the art collection exhibited, I can’t find anything not to like. If you have some time to spare, plan for lunch at the venue’s restaurant overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

On the other hand, after witnessing Dubai’s old market, Souq Waqif was a breath of fresh air. Bursting with cultural richness, with numerous cafés and restaurants that appeal to both locals and tourists alike, it seems to have just the right mix for a cultural heritage area. The only drawback to the souq that we could find, was what seemed to be the sale of illegal exotic wildlife in the animal market area.

I leave you with a taste of Doha – and believe me, the museum’s images give just a hint of what it really is to be there 🙂 Hope you enjoy them.