Les filles

August 10, 2015

A girls’ day at the studio.

les filles studio portraiture_Maria Lecanda11 copy

For her birthday, her girlfriends decided to gift her a studio portraiture session. In turn, she asked to have all her friends with her.

Without doubt this was one of the most active studio shoots I have done, as well as one of the most fun ever 🙂 These ladies really made me laugh until my stomach hurt while giving the camera their most beautiful side… They all come from different countries and different backgrounds, but have found in each other a friendship that simply bursts out covered in smiles.

To give you a bit of background for these images, she came to me with different inspirational pictures, some being from Chanel’s La Petite Veste Noire series that she really liked, and all of this helped to better plan the shoot. We went over outfits, setups and styles, and planned to do both portraits of all the girls and portraits of her on her own. This is only a small selection of the images from that day… But I wouldn’t dare show all of them given the craziness that was going on in a room full of girls 😛