June 19, 2014
London Refracted_Somerset House_blog

Re·frac·tion “The change in direction of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium.”

I spent a day walking the streets of London with family, my camera and a prism in front of it. Yes, people found it strange and stared. And even though they didn’t know, I could see them staring at me thanks to the prism’s reflections – I had quite some fun I’ll admit.

The main goal was to get a little bit more of the energetic ambiance that a city like London has, into my photos. Busy streets, a contrast of old and modern buildings, a constant flow of tourists and executives, dragons, patterns and textures.

…I may have gotten a little closer at portraying all of this, but I really wouldn’t mind a couple more of those long walks through the city to make it justice with my images.


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