April 30, 2014

Mazapán is a start-up company that designs, makes and sells baby clothes integrating into its designs fair-trade embroidery made by Mexican indigenous women. Mazapán is about to launch their online store based out of the UK and I have had the pleasure of doing some shoots for their new website! 🙂

For the 1-yo boy outfit and the 2-yo soft denim dress, I took our little models to the beach to have some fun. And just as the early morning kept warming up by the minute, these two kids got messier and cuter by the minute with their castle-building activities.

I  leave you with my favorite shots from that morning:

Mazapan S02 María Lecanda 02Mazapan S02 María Lecanda 04Mazapan S02 María Lecanda 08Mazapan S02 María Lecanda 07Mazapan S02 María Lecanda 05

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