Probably the cutest baby girl in town

May 14, 2017

I may be biased, but I honestly found this little one absolutely gorgeous 🙂 And in the time that I had to visit her hometown, I couldn’t find any other baby that was as smiling, as cute or had remotely comparable eyelashes to this little lady… So I’m sticking with my theory of her being the cutest.

I wanted to create images that brought out the beauty of family everyday life, minus those stressful moments that any hungry baby can provide ;). This translated into images of a 5 month old discovering the world around her (her own feet among other things), the almost indescribable link between parents and child, their 24/7 caring and tending to her; and their own mutual bond, strengthened by the arrival of the little one.

During the first months, there are so many baby milestones – so many ‘firsts‘, that with daily chores, work and a hungry baby, parents are not always able to properly document them. Fortunately we now have the luxury of smartphones that are always at hand, but if you have the chance, really make time for it. Make time to create the memories of those fleeting moments – and then print and put up some photos at home. There is no point in having a thousand pictures in your computer where you can’t really enjoy them.

And as per usual, I present you a selection of images from this lifestyle session that was spread over several days.

…In case you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at those beautiful eyelashes!


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