Time Blur

November 18, 2021

Time is relative. We perceive its flow as something that slows down and speeds up again; long winters, short summers. Our perception of time changes as we base it on personal milestones – it is measurable but we are incapable of perceiving it objectively.

The year 2020 changed how time flowed for most people. Our usual parameters disappeared as livelihoods and behaviours changed, lockdowns made for a change of pace and little variation on everyday life. Time blurred for many of us.
But winter still came. And as we found respite from it all in nature, our environment became once again the milestone with which to perceive time in an anthropocentric era. We saw green leaves take golden hues, fall and get covered by white snow that with time would melt and give way to colourful new growth. Nature became an anchor we had often dismissed. Perhaps as we leave the year 2020 behind and come back to our usual ways, we should reevaluate what our system of values is based on.

Time Blur” is an ecocentric perception of time in the woodlands.

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