I have always been terribly distracted by objects and smart little details captivate me. While seeking out the things that made my brain tinkle, I took to DESIGN & a PHOTOGRAPHY. While doing my Industrial Design bachelor, I discovered photography through B&W 35mm film, developing and printing my work in a darkroom.
After my studies in Mexico City and Ålborg, DK, I worked in Belgium as an industrial designer on different projects, such as designing & technically developing lines of children's furniture, accessories, packaging and POP for the Belgian brand NOUKIE'S.
In 2011, when my husband and I moved to the United Arab Emirates, I focused my work on photography - specifically portrait photography - studying body language, posing, lighting and learning new techniques. I discovered the value of having beautiful portraits of ourselves and our loved ones. ~ After planning, guiding, shooting and retouching the photographs, my biggest satisfaction still is watching my clients see their artwork for the first time and see themselves through my lens.
Since then, we relocated with our dog Luna to Buenos Aires, Argentina and back to Belgium. In the meantime, my photography has expanded to the underwater realm and my brain keeps tingling with anticipation with every new creative project. 🙂