Idex surgical table

This surgical table was designed for Epixa and is based in functional and ergonomic requirements for both surgeons and patients. It can assume an array of surgery positions and has bi-axial movements, with three programmable positions. Cushions can be placed for each of the table’s modules.

The table’s movements are produced by pneumatic pistons and their precision by movement and rotation magnetic sensors. The nylamide surface renders as radio-transparent to allow fluoroscopic procedures during surgery. Underneath the table, hidden lateral rails permit 14-17 inch x-ray chassis to be placed under the patient.

Common upper lateral rails are eliminated and instead, lateral canals allow to fix the table accessories with the new thongs without having to slide them along the table. There are two user interfaces, a remote control and a control at the base of the table. A weight sensor was also integrated in the design as input on the patient’s condition (i.e. rapid loss of liquids or tissue) and displays information at the table’s base. Placed also at the base, are a mechanical break and electrical plugs for other equipment that may be required during surgery. This minimizes the amount of cables going from walls to the table and therefore, risks.
Designed in collaboration with Francisco Villa, Dania Baledón and Gustavo Rodríguez, 2006.