Safety First

February 25, 2014

I am an advocate for “safety first” and wearing helmets… But let’s accept it, sometimes helmets are just cool.

A couple of weeks back I got quite enthusiastic and started trying some light setups with my ever-patient husband as the model. Of course, being 2am in the morning did not make it easy for either of us (I didn’t mind, but I really should work on my sleep schedule…).

Long story short, busy days, busy weeks have kept me without my model. So desperate times, desperate measures. I am not too fond of self portraits because -well, let’s leave that for some other time- but these I must say I’m growing fond of. Perhaps it’s because you can barely see who’s in there, or (and most probably) because of the cool-factor associated to helmets-EHEM, “safety”.

These images were shot with a one-light setup and in some cases I used some window light as a second light. Had a little bit of a tough time with the reflections because I obviously couldn’t see them on myself while shooting, so I ended up taking the helmet off and shooting it by itself.

Here are my favourite safety related shots, make sure to click on them to enlarge.

octo moto light Lecanda 01octo moto light Lecanda 03octo moto light Lecanda 02

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