November 14, 2014
Pregnancy studio portrait_Maria Lecanda monochrome one light

Pregnancy Leo MLecanda 009At the beginning of the year, two of our dear friends announced they were expecting their first baby. The official due date has not yet arrived, but little Leo grew very quickly and healthily, that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a little ahead of time. Fortunately, he gave us enough time to do the last photo-shoots at the beach and at Zabeel Park.

I must say, I’m still in shock of how quickly these months have gone by. It was early 2014 when we started talking about Leo and doing a series of photo-shoots that would document the whole pregnancy… And now it’s November, Leo is here and the bump evolution image you see above is little Leo’s last 6 months in mom’s belly.

This was a project that I really enjoyed working on; from planning the shoots, the poses and the lighting so that when it all came together the sequence would make sense, to all the laughter and fun we had during each of the sessions.

I leave you with some of my dearest images captured along these last 6 months of change, love and laughter.

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