Sandy adventures in Dubai

March 19, 2015
Portraiture on location - desert dunes

With the windy weather that we had in February, this session had to be postponed a couple of times due to heavy sandstorms across the Emirates. As soon as the skies cleared a little, we rushed into the desert for the shoot, realizing just as we arrived how windy it still was. But in spite of the quantity of sand that we carried back home in our shoes and ears, we were very thankful for the wind that gave the final images a very different and a somewhat liberating mood.

Following our lovely model’s wish to be photographed in the desert before leaving Dubai, the location was scouted & found with the help of fellow photographers in Dubai. We started by a wall among the dunes, made of some sort of clay and covered in graffitti-styled engravings – where some fortuitous writings came up. And continued the rest of the shoot among the dunes, struggling with wind, hair, equipment and sand (and any imaginable combination of those four), while keeping a lookout for a speeding buggy and a camel with his rider.

Here are the final images from the day; wind, sand and all 🙂