Treats ‘n Smiles

April 16, 2016

girls and dog_MariaLecanda 002

…’N some resulting hyperactivity!

Who doesn’t remember the dog they grew up with? Growing up with a pet is something amazing and worth remembering. Through them we learn so much and we build our own special connection with them. In this case, the eldest sister bathes and brushes the dog, while the little one chases her around the house. As simple as it may seem, it’s very special for those of us who love animals and I obviously think it’s well worth getting some artwork with the furry siblings.

You may recognize these girls, as I have been fortunate enough to photograph them in previous sessions. I was only missing the little furry one, who -you might have noticed- is just as cool as her human sisters 🙂

Now, full disclosure, from the three girls, only one was behaving perfectly and waiting for the other two to settle down, -I don’t need to tell you which one, hehe. So we went through a bunch of snacks to teach the furry one to stay put and as smart as she is (and eager to take any food you may offer her), she quickly understood and was patient (hungry) enough to even pose with the sunglasses! Hell yeah, mission accomplished!!

After that, it was time for some fun. They put on their superhero outfits, one trying to fly out of the studio and the other wondering that ‘S’ looking thing meant 🙂

Click on the images below to enlarge the images that their parents loved the most!